Paint by Numbers Puzzles or Nonograms. Play free!

Paint by Numbers or Nonograms - Famous japanese puzzles

We invite you to challenge your brain and play free puzzle games known as Paint by Numbers. We have collected a lot of famous "japanese puzzles" of different diffuculty level. Just select and play now!

Select a difficulty level:

Novice Level

Puzzle size: 10x10

Beginners Level

Puzzle size: 15x15

Advanced Level

Puzzle size: 20x20

How to Play in Paint by Numbers Puzzle games

Paint by Numbers puzzles known also as Nonograms or Japanese puzzles are very popular games. Your task is to unravel some picture which is hidden behind squares in a game field. To get this picture you need to change thecolor of cells using numbers on the left and on the upper side of the grid.

These numbers show how many adjacent cells are coloured. For example if you see the succession of numbers: 5,3,1 it shows that there 5 coloured cells, then some cells are blank, then 3 coloured cells, again some cells are blank and 1 cell is coloured. So your task is to define which exactly cells have a color. Use you deductive abilities!

Left click on a square to change its color. When you fill-in all necessary squares click "Check" to know if you are right. And you will see a hidden picture as your reward!

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